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A math ​tutor from Clarence Park.

Why I believe in your kid success in Maths?

Private one-on-one tutoring approach

My thoughts about learning

My teaching approach is composed of a variety of ideas concerning teaching, learning, educators, students, and my discipline. These thoughts derive from my personal expertise and representation as an instructor and student, from examining ideas and research on teaching and study in both my discipline and higher education and learning in general, from conducting my own scholarship on teaching and discovering, and also from my department advancement job with other teachers.

I am sure learners are ultimately accountable for their studying; yet, learning is the result of a comprehensive communication among numerous aspects related to the student, the instructor, peers and others, the content, and also the circumstance or context. The process of studying (and teaching) is socially constructed as "teachers" and "students" develop, communicate, and discuss objectives, expertise and also skills cooperatively.

A key to the best learning and teaching

Stressing learning of all that you and your students (and also their peers, your coworkers, your division, as well as your organization) do is key to the most effective teaching and study. Thus, we should constantly start with a realisation of our discovering goals and once we choose regarding a teaching-learning concern or need, we have to ask ourselves "just how will it impact student learning and development? " This must be the main inquiry for selecting in all subjects and in all levels of the institution.

Out-of-class experience

Meaningful training and also learning need both teachers as well as trainees to be reflective. Educators have to be knowledgeable, not just concerning the material of their discipline but likewise about the work on teaching and understanding in their subject and generally. Anyone who signs a contract to tutor ends up being ethically bound to discover all they can (and also exercise exactly what they learn) regarding training and learning; it means, to be a scholarly educator. Good training entails taking dangers. Finally, we must aid our students to assess their learning.

Just as good educators are even more compared to "excellent" in their class, effective study is impacted by and also occurs outside, as well as inside, the classroom. I do count on the importance of out-of-class learning practices and "a smooth" study environment including the combination of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular parts to improve trainee study and development.

Engagement in the material

I think that process and results of mentor and learning are substantially improved when teachers and learners are avidly take part in the topic and the practices in and outside the classroom. We are able to and should do lots of things to enhance students' involvement, inherent inspiration, interior acknowledgements, as well as self-efficacy for our courses and subjects.

My priorities

... Though my teaching philosophy has actually continued to upgrade since that time, I note that my viewpoint still implies the value of these key components: justness, application, difficulty, entertainment, and also solution.

It is also vital to listen to the minds of students regarding just how they think they study our subject.

To further live my training philosophy, I define practical purposes for my students in each program. My programs are learning-centred. I use varied instructional techniques. I emphasise active and collaborative methods. I provide students some control as well as option in the program. I do all that I am able to in order to help students feel the passion for the discipline and the theme, to come to be engaged as well as fundamentally encouraged. Me and my trainees both think about the mentor and also study experience. Conducting work in the field of the scholarship of mentor and learning is a priority for me. The desire and the skills to take part in lifelong discovering is an objective I have, not just for my students yet also for myself.

Maths Subjects and Courses Taken

Subjects and Courses Taken

  • Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Specialist Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Mathematics Applications ATAR
  • Mathematics Methods ATAR
  • Mathematics Specialist ATAR

Maths Tutor Clarence Park

Hi my name is Kai , I live in Clarence Park, SA . But can also travel to Forestville 5035, West Richmond 5033, North Plympton 5037, Mile End South 5031, Underdale 5032, South Plympton 5038.

  • Postal code: 5034

What languages I speak

English (Australia)
English (Australia)
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About Myself

My passion for Mathematics and Computer technology come from a young age: I've constantly taken part in different training courses as well as competitions, typically attaining well in them. Going after Maths has actually also expanded my perspectives dramatically; Maths as a universal language links all of us, and I've taken advantage of that to team up with many other trainees both at a local and international degree.

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